APRIL Month 4 of 12: How WILL your garden grow?


Earth Day this month and the longing for sunny days and bare feet so let's talk about what's in store for the garden.

Gardeners and non-gardeners let's make plans for all the things we can grow ourselves collaborate with neighbors and the NVY community to expand beyond our own gardens.

For those of you seeing this for the first time, a quick catch up... we’re looking to our community of friends and yogis to consider adopting new environmentally friendly changes each month for the next 12 months. Keep the suggestions and efforts coming and we'll add them to our list.


  • Start your garden NOW, indoors, preferably in a window so you don't need a grow light.

  • Reuse potters from last year or ask around if folks have some. You can also give these back at the end of the season to most farm stores. Walkers and Duttons always take them back.

  • Don't end up with more zucchini then you can eat, swap it with a friend. Team up with friends or neighbors, plant strategically so you can share the harvest. If you still end up with extra, consider donating it to the local food bank.

  • Plan your companion plantings. Plant things together that benefit each other. This kind of planning can help keep pests away as well as encourage beneficial bugs like bees. It can also provide nutrients for the soil. For example, planting nasturtium with your potatoes helps keep the potato bugs away. Find out more here https://www.farmersalmanac.com/companion-planting-guide-31301

  • Install a rain catcher to water your garden. https://www.treepeople.org/installarainbarrel https://morningchores.com/rainwater-harvesting/


Replanting Our Rainforests Pamela Malhotra of Sai Sanctuary, India
Saturday April 20 12:00-1:00
Moore Free Library
Donations accepted for SAI Sanctuary ($10-$20)

Co-hosting with the Moore Free Library, join Newfane Village Yoga and the 12x12 Environmental Team as we welcome Pamela Gale-Malhotra co-founder of the Sai Sanctuary, India’s first private forest and wildlife sanctuary.

Pam and her husband, Anil, have transformed abandoned farmlands into one of the most biodiversity-rich forests in India. Pam will share how the Sai Sanctuary came to be, the scientific need for keeping our forests and wildlife healthy and balanced along with the spiritual (or human) connection to nature.

Come hear how the forests and wildlife are critical to the healthy, peaceful, and spiritual future of humankind, and how walking the path of life with Mother Nature as our guide and teacher will ensure we live in harmony and balance with each other and our environment.

A donation to the SAI Sanctuary will be greatly appreciated. Suggested $10-$20.


Architecture + Design Film Series: Leaning into the Wind
Wednesday, April 10 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
118 Elliot St, Brattleboro, VT

The Architecture + Design Film Series continues with LEANING INTO THE WIND Directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer 2017, Germany, 97 Minutes PREVIEW ON YOUTUBE Leaning into the Wind is a vibrant journey through the diverse layers of Andy Goldsworthy’s world. From urban Edinburgh and London to the South of France and New England, each environment he encounters becomes a fresh kaleidoscopic canvas for his art. A lushly-visualized travelogue, Goldsworthy’s work and Thomas Riedelsheimer’s exquisite cinematography redefine landscape and inextricably tie human life to the natural world.

Doors open at 6pm.
Films are free and open to the public.




Dummerston Conservation Commission

The mission of the Dummerston Conservation Commission is to promote community responsibility and awareness of our conservation needs and to encourage stewardship of the natural habitat.


A Global Need, a Village Effort, an Individual Responsibility

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