March 4 - 8, 2020
Fluid Dharma Home Wilmington VT


In the Fluid Mind and Spirit Intensive students explore a central question: How can we let go of fear, craving and attachment in order to become happier and more content? The Fluid Mind approach begins with a foundational understanding of Tibetan Buddhist mind training, and continues to explore the science of meditation, the foundations of practice, and specific meditation practices (including shamata, maitri/lovingkindness, and tong-len). 
The Fluid Spirit explores the tools students need to better understand their own minds. Our exploration will include study of the Six Perfections (paramitas) as a gateway to a discussion of living an exemplary life filled with generosity, patience, diligence, morality, meditation and wisdom. Additional topics include the Buddha’s discoveries under the Bodhi Tree, the Four Noble Truths, and foundational Tibetan Buddhist philosophies.

There are no pre-requisites for this intensive. This intensive can be taken independently as a meditation immersion, continuing education credits or as part of the Fluid Yoga Teacher Training. This session is required for the full 200 hour YTT program.

COST: $800
Non-refundable reservation deposit of $240
60 CEU Credits can be applied to Fluid Yoga Teacher Training.

May 15 - 16, 2020
Fluid Dharma Home Wilmington VT


This weekend SPA training has been developed for 200-hour certified yoga teachers who would like to learn to teach a restorative flow.
We break down the weekend of SPA with the following points:

CREATE THE SPACE – Learning how to create a restorative environment and good energy space in which you are teaching.
CREATE THE PRACTICE – Learning the tools of applying a physical restorative flow practice as well as a meditative experience for the practitioner.
CREATE THE AMBIANCE - Discovering all the six senses of your body and mind to make a SPA-like ambience.
How do we learn to teach a class that touches upon the elements of touch, taste, sight, sounds and smells?

Over the course of the weekend, we will uncover:

  • The basics of teaching a restorative SPA sequence class

  • How to capture all five senses while teaching a SPA class

  • Understanding the art of touch and massage trigger points

  • Basic hands-on assists for a restorative class

  • Building your own sequence for a SPA class

Much more about teaching a restorative flow class

By becoming an observer of your inner world you will be able to teach this unique style of yoga to your students.
It will make them feel like they just walked out of a SPA!

This weekend is designed for ALL 200-hour certified yoga teachers, and provides you with 20 CEU credits and a certificate of completion.

COST: $450
Non-refundable reservation deposit of $150
20 CEU Credits and certificate of completion.