• Come to class 10 minutes early to say hi, grab your props and find a spot. Give yourself a chance to take a few deep breaths before we get started.
  • Please return the props to their prop-er home.
  • f you have to leave the class early, please mention it to the instructor before class and be respectful of the other students as you leave.
  • If you are running late, we want you to feel free to join us but please be mindful of others. Wait in reception until you hear the om that begins the class, after which you can feel free to come in and get settled.
  • nform the instructor if you have an injury or a condition that could affect your practice. 
  • Go only as far as you are comfortable. If the rest of the room is doing something you prefer not to, or that you know you are not ready for, stay with the modification.

  • It's your practice. Practice your way.