Mikaela Marmion is now offering individual Reiki sessions at Village Yoga.  Hour-long sessions are available 7 days/evenings a week by appointment on a sliding scale.
Reiki practitioners are attuned to channel universal life force energy (ki, chi, prana) for the maximum good of the recipients. It is an ancient practice for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing of mind-body-spirit. A series of gentle hand placements on fully clothed recipients it can positively complement any belief system or health practice. Whether you are struggling at a particular area of life, are seeking deeper connection with yourself and others, or wish to find more relaxation and ease, Mikaela would be honored to meet you in your truth and help facilitate your process.

COST: $50-80/hour, you choose what level of sliding scale is right for you.
CONTACT:, or 802-365-7945 to schedule your appointment.


New to the the area, though a long time lover of Vermont, Mikaela is grateful to connect with the beautiful and welcoming community at Newfane Village Yoga. A Yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki master, and Clinical social worker, Mikaela brings an integrative lens to all she does.  She attends to whole-person wellness, and helps people to develop internal listening skills and activate their  inner strength and authenticity.